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—Evernote vs Notion—

Evernote vs Notion:

Which Tool is Right for You?

This in-depth comparison breaks down features, pricing, and functionalities to help you decide.


In today’s digital age, being organized and accomplishing tasks necessitates utilizing the right tools. Two popular and strong apps competing for your attention are Evernote and Notion. Both have strong tools for writing notes, managing projects, and organizing information. But which one is the best? we’ll find out in this blog!

What is Evernote?

evernote homepage

Evernote has been really good at helping people take notes for a long time. It’s really good at saving ideas, stuff from the internet, and writing by hand. Imagine it like a computerized storage place with strong search features to find even the most hidden information. Evernote works well on different devices so you can always see your notes.

evernote calendar

evernote calendar

What is Notion?


Notion is a modern competitor that is like a complete office. It does more than just taking notes, it also helps manage projects, organize information, and even uses kanban boards. Notion allows you to make your own personalized system that fits your needs perfectly.

notion documents

Notion Docs

Feature Breakdown

Here’s a head-to-head breakdown of Evernote and Notion’s core features:

Feature Evernote Notion
Note-taking Text, audio, web clippings, handwritten notes Text, audio, video, code snippets, databases
Organization Notebooks, tags Pages, subpages, nested databases
Collaboration Limited real-time collaboration Real-time collaboration with comments & tasks
Project Management Basic checklists and reminders Kanban boards, calendars, task management
Search Functionality Powerful search across all note types Powerful search across all content
Offline Access Available Available

notion calendar

notion calendar


Both Evernote and Notion offer free plans, but with limitations. Here’s a table outlining their pricing structures:

Plan Evernote Notion
Free 60MB monthly upload limit, 2 devices Unlimited pages & blocks, 5MB file uploads
Personal $7.90/month, 10GB upload limit, all devices $5/month, unlimited pages & blocks, 5GB storage
Professional $10/month, 20GB upload limit, advanced features $8/month, unlimited pages & blocks, 30GB storage
Teams Varies based on team size & features Varies based on team size & features


Pros and Cons



  • Excellent note-taking features
  • Powerful search functionality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great for research and information collection


  • Limited project management capabilities
  • Collaboration features are basic
  • Free plan has significant limitations



  • Highly customizable workspace
  • Powerful project management features
  • Excellent real-time collaboration
  • Free plan offers substantial functionality


  • Steeper learning curve compared to Evernote
  • Search functionality may not be as robust for specific needs

Functionality and Alternatives

Evernote remains a champion for traditional note-taking and information organization. If research, web clipping, and straightforward note management are your priorities, Evernote shines.

Notion is the best for managing projects and making a workspace that fits your needs perfectly. If working together and organizing things in detail are important, Notion helps you create a system that brings all your tasks together smoothly.

Alternatives to Evernote and Notion

If you’re still undecided, consider these alternatives:

  • Microsoft OneNote: Free with a Microsoft 365 subscription, OneNote offers robust note-taking and collaboration features.
  • Google Keep: A simple and free note-taking app from Google, ideal for quick ideas and reminders.
  • Trello: A popular project management platform with a visual kanban board interface.


The battle between Evernote and Notion boils down to your specific needs. Evernote is a rock-solid note-taking champion, while Notion offers a versatile and customizable workspace. Consider your workflow priorities, collaboration needs, and desired level of customization to choose the platform that empowers you to achieve peak productivity.

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