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Top Contenders for the Cheapest CRM Software in 2024

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All your interactions with leads, prospects, and existing clients are centralized in a customer relationship management system. But what if robust CRM solutions are beyond your budget?  This guide looks at the top contenders for the cheapest CRM software on the market, proving that effective relationship management doesn’t have to come at a premium.

What is a customer relationship management system and why is it important?


A solid foundation is needed before we get into the cheapest CRM. A customer relationship management system is a software application designed to help businesses track and manage all their customer interactions. Information like contact info, communication history, sales funnels, and support tickets are all gathered in one place. Businesses can boost sales and customer satisfaction by using this centralized data.

Top Cheapest CRM Software Options

Now, let’s get down to business! Here’s a breakdown of some of the most compelling budget-friendly CRM solutions:

  • HubSpot Free CRM:  Businesses just starting their CRM journey can take advantage of HubSpot’s free offering. While it lacks advanced features, it provides a solid foundation for contact management, email tracking, and deal pipelines.

  • Zoho CRM Free Plan: Zoho CRM’s free plan mirrors HubSpot’s offerings in many ways. However, it throws in additional features like web forms and basic reporting. This makes it ideal for businesses seeking a touch more functionality without hefty price tags.

  • Freshsales Free Forever Plan: Freshsales offers a plan that is free for life and is very generous. It has things like keeping track of people, keeping track of emails, and grading potential customers. Moreover, it works well with popular email programs like Gmail and Outlook. This makes it a good choice for businesses that prefer email-based communication.

        Pricing, Features, Implementation & Support

        It’s important to remember that free plans often come with limitations. As your business grows, you might need to consider paid upgrades for functionalities like advanced automation, reporting, and integrations.

        Here’s a quick comparison to consider:

        Feature HubSpot Free CRM Zoho CRM Free Plan
        Freshsales Free Forever
        Pricing Free Free Free
        Users Unlimited Up to 3 Users Unlimited
        Contacts Up to 1 Million  Up to 2,000 Up to 10,000000
        Deals Limited Limited Limited
        Automation Basic Basic Basic
        Reporting Limited Basic Basic


        Implementation and Support: These budget-friendly options are generally known for their user-friendly interfaces and intuitive design. Most offer comprehensive online resources and readily available support channels to assist you with setup and troubleshooting.

        Pros & Cons


        • Free or low cost
        • Easy to use
        • Great for small businesses and solopreneurs


        • Limited features compared to paid plans
        • May not scale well for larger businesses


        Here’s a quick glimpse into what users are saying:

        HubSpot Free CRM: Users generally praise its user-friendliness and appreciate its integration with other HubSpot tools. However, some reviewers mention limitations in automation and reporting capabilities.

        Zoho CRM Free Plan: Zoho’s free plan is lauded for its robust contact management features and basic reporting. However, the user limit of three can be restrictive for some businesses.

        Freshsales Free Forever: Freshsales’ free-forever plan receives high marks for its intuitive interface and email integration. However, some users wish for more advanced automation functionalities.



           Finding the perfect CRM software doesn’t necessitate breaking the bank. As we’ve explored, several compelling budget-friendly options offer a solid foundation for managing customer relationships. By carefully considering your business needs, you can pinpoint the CRM that best complements your growth strategy. Remember, the ideal CRM is the one that empowers you to cultivate stronger customer bonds and drive business success – without draining your resources!

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